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Summer Activity Jar & Photo Walk

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*** UPDATED – Ive made an updated list for 2012 that can be found here.

Every summer I have great intentions of doing tons of cool and fun things with my boys… before I ever get organized the summer is almost over. This year I decided to make a jar of 50 things we can do for fun during the summer. Some require my attention others are more simple and just remind them of something cool they can do on their own.

I cut all 50 ideas out, folded them, and put them into a jar I had. I glued a little piece of leftover fabric on the top and then made a little tag and modge podged it onto the jar. It took me all of 10 minutes to put together.

DSC 5487%255B1%255D Summer Activity Jar Each night I had them take turns pulling an idea out of the jar for the next day. Here is our list of 50 for this year:

  1. Organize a bike Parade
  2. Paint rocks
  3. Water balloon fight
  4. Nature scavenger hunt
  5. Make art for an evening art show
  6. Wash the car
  7. Build a fort
  8. Play dough
  9. Squirt bottle water fight
  10. Jump on the trampoline with ice cubes
  11. ‘Stained Glass Windows’ – Cover the sticky side of contact paper with several colors of tissue paper, make sure to leave about an inch edge all the way around so it will stick to the window
  12. Flashlight tag
  13. Write a letter to cousins/grandparents
  14. Backwards Day – Have dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, eat dessert before lunch
  15. Paint a picture with lemon juice on white paper and hang it in a sunny window and see what happens in a few days
  16. Hold a bike wash
  17. Make a map of your bedroom, house, or neighborhood
  18. Plan an imaginary trip around the world, where would you want to go?
  19. Practice your soccer skills
  20. Create a mosaic
  21. Sponge Tag – get 2 or 3 large car sponges and several buckets of water. Whoever is “it” grabs a sponge and gets it wet. If you are hit with the sponge, you are it.
  22. Do a hidden picture from the highlights website
  23. Organize a game of Dodge Ball
  24. Make up a code and then write a letter
  25. Create a sand art picture
  26. Tic Tac Toe
  27. Use binoculars
  28. Play catch
  29. Plan and create a picnic for your stuffed animals
  30. Learn magic tricks, plan a magic show
  31. Make bookmarks
  32. Build something fun with legos – our house, our town, Disneyland, Sea World, Space ships, the Temple….
  33. Math games
  34. Visit a farm
  35. Decorate a shoe box for all your summer treasures
  36. Cut open old record covers from good will and make a card to mail to a loved one
  37. Make cookies and visit a Grandma in the neighborhood
  38. Plan a lemonade stand or bake sale and donate the money to a good cause
  39. Make a collage from magazines
  40. Create a Hot Wheels obstacle course
  41. Visit the fire station
  42. Invent your own board game
  43. Letterboxing
  44. Tie-dye some t-shirts
  45. Have a paper airplane contest
  46. Freezer Baggie Ice Cream
  47. Plan dinner and help cook
  48. Re-decorate your room
  49. Design your own roller coaster with kinex
  50. Draw a mural on the wall in chalk

It has helped make for such a FUN summer!

Source: pacifiers and fruit loops –

A few weeks ago, while I was perusing Pinterest, I came across a link for a Summer Activity Jar.  The idea is to fill the jar with fun things to do.  Each morning your child picks one piece of paper and whatever is written on it will be the activity of the day.  Holy Spontaneity! I loved this idea, so of course I stole it.

I decided to use popsicle/craft sticks instead. Most likely because for some strange reason we have a surplus of them in the house?! Oh, and I jazzed up the jar with some pinkness because my five year old’s happiness depends on being surrounded by PINK at all times.

Today she picked ‘Photo Walk’ and I was just as excited about the winning activity as she was.  Since before the baby arrived, I’ve been using my real camera far less than I used to.  In my defense, the arrival of my iphone earlier this year had a huge impact on it as well.  The quality cell camera on it and my love for Instagram definitely hasn’t sent me rushing back to lugging around my heavy dSLR. However, I have been missing the time I used to spend taking pics of randomness, playing around with various lenses and post-processing the best of the bunch in photoshop.

We headed out and surprisingly our photo walk lasted over two hours.  It was fantastic!  The weather was gorgeous and we took our time strolling around the neighborhood.  We always seem to be in a rush, so it was such a relaxing way to spend the afternoon.  We both took a million pictures (she was using an old point and shoot camera) and we definitely enjoyed exploring the woods together.

Update: I put some of my daughter’s photos from our walk into the below storyboard.  We have some of them printed out and they’re hanging in her room.  There were a ton to choose from, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few!!


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