Flip Golf for Preschoolers

Source: spoonful.com

Flip Golf 1

In this golf game, which features hazards such as sand traps, a pond, and trees, creating the hole can be as much fun as playing it.

What you’ll need
Small box (ours is a tea box)
Small plastic tub (we used an empty cream cheese tub with a drinking straw flag taped inside)
Assorted hazards (a plastic plate full of salt for a sandtrap, a pie tin with water for a pond, small potted plants for trees)

How to make it
1. SETUP: Place the tea box – the tee – at one end of the table, the plastic tub – the cup – at the other end and strategically locate the hazards between them. We outlined our hole with a rope boundary.

flip golf 2

2. HOW TO PLAY: Tee off by squeezing a quarter between your thumbs, setting your hands on the tee box,and flipping the quarter toward the cup, as shown. As with real golf, you want to get your “ball” in the cube in the fewest “strokes.” But because your ball can roll beyond the rope (out of bounds) or off the table, playing conservatively is the best strategy. Players continue flipping from where the coins land, with the person farthest from the hole going first.

flip golf 3

3. REF SAYS: If your ball lands in a hazard, you get one penalty stroke (place your ball beside it for your next shot). If it lands out of bounds, you get two penalty strokes (move it just inside the rope). If it lands off the table, you get three penalty strokes and must tee off again.


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