Best of… Father’s Day!

Source: – By Francesca Borgognone , Editor

Dear old Dad. He’s always there putting a Band-Aid on your boo-boo, and helping you navigate life’s speed bumps. He’s the master griller, a carpenter, a funny man, and a million other things. Time flies — he’s watched you grow, and maybe now you’re watching your own kids grow. Even though time has passed, those paper ties and hand-crafted cards that you made for Father’s Day when you were little are still special. So, while you and your siblings spoil dad with a fantastic meal and a few great gifts, have the grandkids get a little crafty and bring those sentiments full circle — Dad won’t know what hit him. Need ideas? You know we have them! Head over to our Pinterest board to find recipes for breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner, and a few ideas for hosting Dad on his day of honor. Stay tuned for next week… Best of the beach!

Show Dad some love this Father’s Day with these entertain ideas from our Pinterest board

Twitter/The Daily Meal
Get prepped for Dad’s big day!


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